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The staff of MEI shares a wide range of knowledge and experience, which has allowed them to operate successfully in this competitive marketplace. MEI serves a variety of clients in the following areas:

  • Chemical, Petrochemical, and Refining- MEI's proven track record has given the company a wealth of complex electrical and instrumentation knowledge related to this industry. Calibration, start-up assistance, and maintenance are integral components of our services.

  • Power Generation and Cogeneration- MEI continues to excel in the areas of power generation, cogeneration and resources recovery trough a comprehensive understanding of facility and fuel source characteristics. Our exemplary record assures each client maximum safety in this potentially volatile environment.

  • Mining-Mining and its related processes underscore the need for specific industry knowledge and project management skills. Our large body of satisfied customers in the western United States is a testament to our commitment to the mining industry.

  • Pulp and Paper Processing-The sheer bulk of pulp and paper machinery and the high speeds at which they operate demand the precise electrical and instrumentation groundwork be laid. MEI's knowledge of the terminology and technology associated with paper production allows us to effectively perform complex installations and upgrades.

  • Manufacturing- Assembly-line manufacturing typical of the pharmaceutical and automobile sectors presents special equipment and systems challenges. MEI meets the task through ongoing training and compliance with federal and state regulations.

  • Semiconductor Fabrication- Precision instrumentation and cleanroom environments are inherent to this technological sector. MEI's staff has received comprehensive training in cleanroom protocol governing this complex manufacturing atmosphere.

  • Commercial- Hotels, Hospitals, and Gaming are facilities in which attention to detail is in high demand. MEI's commitment to quality defines responsibilities and accountability ensuring that every client's requirements are clearly understood and adequately met.